24: The Longest Day Of Jesus’ Life: Sanhedrin – Blind Justice In A Kangaroo Court
A Journey With God: A Tale Of Two Sisters
A Journey With God: Cross Prayers
All Stressed Up And No Place To Blow
A Mother’s Worst Nightmare
A Prayer For Christmas: Joy Of The Angels
A Provocative Church: Holding Fast To Hope
Christmas Dreams: Banishment
Cross Words: A Dying Word And A Living Faith
Cross Words: God’s Light In Dark Times
God Is Up To Something So Good!
How To Get Up When Life Gets You Down
In Everything Give Thanks? You Must Be Kidding!
Jesus And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Live Like Who And What You Are!
Miraculous Moments In Mark: Boat-Huggers And Wave-Riders: Storm At Sea
No Vacancy
Peace By Piece
Philippians: The Hardest Goal To Achieve
Preparing For Peace
Relationship Rescue – Jesus Style: Fate May Color Our Lives But Faith Chooses The Colors
Saul: A Permanent Solution To A Temporary Problem
Saul: A Tale Of Toil And Trouble
Saul: You And God Are A Majority
Short Memories Make For Shallow Souls
Songs Of Faith – Sermons Of Grace: Getting Back On Top When Life Gets You Down
Songs Of Faith – Sermons Of Grace: Who Do You Say That I Am?
Songs Of Faith – Sermons Of Grace: What’s Worth Living For And Dying For?
Some Things Never Change
Soul Tsunami: Changing Fear Into Faith
The Gospel Of The Second Chance
The Greatest Strains Come From The Greatest Strain
The Heart Of A Champion: Stay Loyal
The Man Who Was Most Like Jesus
The Most Beautiful Song In The World
The Prince Of Egypt, The Servant Of God: It Isn’t Over ’Till It’s Over!
The Prince Of Egypt, The Servant Of God: When God Says “Move,” Go Where He Leads
The Story I Never Tire Of Telling
The Transforming Touch: Taking People Where They Are And Loving Them Into Life
This Church Is In Your Hands
Waiting In Hope
Walking A Lonely Road
Why Christ Came
Why I Believe In God
Why I Believe In Heaven
Why I Believe In The Trinity

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