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1,500 Sermons Later
24: The Longest Day Of Jesus’ Life: Gethsemane: Where God Broke His Heart And His Son
24: The Longest Day Of Jesus’ Life: Golgotha: 1 Cross + 3 Nails + 4gvn
A Great Gospel, A Great Church, A Great Time To Be A Christian
A Journey With God: The Gift You Won’t Want To Return
A Prayer For Christmas: The Peace Of The Christ Child
A Provocative Church: Centered On The Savior
A Provocative Church: Saved By Grace
Christmas Is For Ordinary People
Cross Words: A Staircase To Heaven
Cross Words: The Very First Christian
Crossroads On The Cross Road
Faces About The Cross: The People Of Jerusalem
Holding Jesus At Arm’s Length
Homesickness For God
Innkeeper: When God Knocks, How Will You Answer?
Mary: A Faith Too Important Not To Share
Miraculous Moments In Mark: A Dog’s Life: Canaanite Woman
Miraculous Moments In Mark: Boat-Huggers And Wave-Riders: Storm At Sea
Miraculous Moments In Mark: Enjoying The Beauty, Missing The Glory: Resurrection
Miraculous Moments In Mark: Saved By A Semi-Colon: Epileptic Boy
Miraculous Moments In Mark: Woman In The Crowd: A Bloody Shame
No Vacancy
Palm Sunday: Celebration Or Confrontation
Peace By Piece
Relationship Rescue – Jesus Style: Fate May Color Our Lives But Faith Chooses The Colors
Simeon And Anna: No Songs Like The Old Songs
Songs Of Faith – Sermons Of Grace: What’s Worth Living For And Dying For?
Songs Of Faith – Sermons Of Grace: Who Do You Say That I Am?
Star Wars And The Gospel: Anikan Skywalker, Darth Vader And Jesus Christ
The Best Loved Carol Of Them All
The Faces And Places Of Christmas: Bethlehem And The Wise Men
The First Family Of Our Faith
The Gospel Of The Second Chance
The Most Popular Word In The Bible
The Sound Of Hammering
The Story I Never Tire Of Hearing
The Sublimity Of Simplicity
The Tomb Is Important Because The Tomb Is Not Important
To God Alone Be The Glory
Walking With Us In Love
What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do: Believe It Or Not
What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do: The Man Who Came Last
What True Presbyterians Believe: Sola Christus
What’s Worth Living For And Dying For?
Why I Believe In Angels
Why I Believe In Heaven
Why I Believe In The Incarnation
Why I Believe In The Resurrection

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