Advent begins tomorrow

Can you believe the season of Advent begins tomorrow, November 29th? Happy New Year’s Eve! (Liturgically speaking, that is.) Since the 16th century, the Advent wreath has been a traditional practice in churches and in homes as Christians prepare for the anniversary of Jesus’ birth, a season of anticipation and hope.

Have you ever wondered what the candles on the wreath symbolize?

  • On the first Sunday of Advent, the first purple candle is lit. Known as the Prophecy candle, it represents hope.
  • On the second Sunday, the second purple candle, known a the Bethlehem candle, is lit and represents peace.
  • On the third Sunday, the third purple candle, the Shepherd candle, is lit to represent love.
  • On the fourth Sunday, the pink candle is lit. Called the Angel candle, it represents joy.
  • On Christmas Day, the white candle is lit, representing the birth of Christ.

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Happy Advent!